Our Aims

We strive:

To fulfil pupils’ academic and social potential.

To develop confident pupils by offering recognition and praise for effort and success.

To enable pupils to develop the skills necessary for the next stage of their lives through the delivery of a planned, broad and balanced curriculum that meets and exceeds statutory requirements, ensures progress and continuity, and addresses the needs of all pupils.

To develop pupils with self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience, including an understanding of how to improve their own learning and performance.

To maximise outcomes for pupils by developing positive home-school links, keeping parents informed about the life and activities of the school and encouraging them to participate fully in their child’s learning.

For commitment and enthusiasm from the whole school community, providing a positive and supportive learning environment in order to develop adaptability, self-discipline and perseverance in pupils.

To develop pupils abilities to distinguish right from wrong and a belief in individual freedom, tolerance of others, personal and social responsibility and upholding the rule of law.

To develop an understanding of cultural diversity and the meaning of community in school, at home, locally, nationally and globally.

‘Together we nurture, we inspire, we achieve’