At Buckingham Preparatory School the majority of boys normally start at 3 years of age (rising 3) and then continue through the school until they leave at Year 6.

If you interested in applying for Buckingham Prep School then please follow the simple procedures below.

Step 1: Contact our Admissions Secretary for an initial conversation and to arrange to visit Buckingham Pre-School and Prep School and a personal tour with our Head Teacher, Sarah Hollis. This should be booked in advance via the Admissions Secretary.

Step 2: Following your visit, you will need to register your child for a place at Buckingham Prep School. You can download the registration form and post it or email it to the school office. A non-refundable registration fee of £50 will be charged at the time of registration.

Step 3: You will be invited to attend an assessment for your child which can be arranged at a mutually agreed time. The assessment process differs depending on the age of the child and the year group he is entering.

Step 4: Following the assessment, if your child is offered a place you will be asked to accept it within ten days. Parents who elect to accept a place offered for their son must pay an acceptance fee of £550 in order for the place to be confirmed and guaranteed by the school. From this payment £50 will be retained as our admissions fee and £500 will act as a deposit. The £500 deposit will be returned when:-

(i) For the Pre-School, the deposit will only be refunded at the end of the Pre-School period if (for whatever reason) a place in Buckingham Prep School is not offered to the child by the Head Teacher. Otherwise the deposit will be retained and returned subject to the condition below.

(ii) For the Prep School, when the pupil leaves at the end of Year 6 provided all commitments to the school have been met. If a pupil leaves the school before the end of Year 6, the deposit is not refundable.

If the acceptance of a place is cancelled at any time, or for any reason, the acceptance fee of £550 is non-refundable.

A registration form is available from the link below.


As you would imagine, places are in high demand for our Pre-School so we are now operating a waiting list system from the age of 2 years so early registration is advisable. Entry into the Pre-School, however, will not be available until the academic term in which your child will reach the age of 3 and his assessment will not take place until the preceding term.

All our Pre-school assessments and Reception assessments are carried out by our Pre-School teacher or our Head of Lower School in a 1 to 1 session and are aimed at bringing the best out in the children.

Our assessment criteria is not that of ability – we are aware that children grow at different rates and have good and bad days; we are looking for an alert, enthusiastic and enquiring child.

Once accepted into Pre-School then the boys are expected to continue through into Reception when they turn 4 where we aim to have a maximum class size of 18 children.

Each year we have a few spaces that become available in our Reception class and then your child will be invited for a 1 to 1 assessment. These assessment days normally take place throughout the Autumn term prior to starting school and occasionally in January.


However, where space permits, we are delighted to accept pupils into other year groups at the start of, and during, an academic year. If you are looking for a place in an older year group please contact us to discuss availability. We like to assess children for this type of entry by inviting them to school for a day to meet the other children within the class. During the day your son will be assessed both formally and informally by the class teacher.

The process is the same as above and we very much look forward to hearing from you. Please contact the school office on 0208 866 2737 or e-mail on to arrange a tour of the school and an assessment for your child. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please see registration form button.