Maths Quiz

On Monday 9th March, four members of Year 6 took part in a Maths Quiz held at Orley Farm School. In total, there were 41 teams taking part from 19 schools. The Buckingham Prep boys were raring to go and eager to take on the three activities contained in the quiz. The boys were split into pairs, with each pair determined to get as many points as possible.

Round one was called ‘find the value’. In this round the boys had to use the algebraic clues to work out the value of each of the 5 letters in every question. At the end of this round, Samay and Pranav had scored 10 out of 10, narrowly missing out on bonus points by falling just short of being one of the first 5 teams to complete the round, and Aarav and Aviral had scored 9 out of 10. A good start from both teams!

Round two was ‘countdown’. In this round the boys had to use the six numbers given to try to create the target number. There were twenty questions in total. After each question, the teams had to run up to a marker at the front of the hall to get their answer checked before being allowed to move on to the next question. This was turning out to be an incredibly active afternoon, not just for the boys’ brains! At the end of this round, Aarav and Aviral had added another 14 marks to their total, and Samay and Pranav managed 7 points.

The final round was ‘the big event’. This involved answering a range of twenty complex word problems. Again, the boys had to get each answer checked before moving on to the next question. The boys continued to work well together, with Aarav and Aviral scoring 18 points (the second highest score in this round) and Samay and Pranav also producing a very pleasing score of 15.

Once the scores had been added up from all 41 teams, a presentation was made for the top 3 teams. Aarav and Aviral did a fantastic job and made it into 3rd place, with Samay and Pranav coming a very respectable joint 15th.

All four boys tried their best throughout the afternoon and behaved impeccably. Buckingham Prep is very proud of their performance. Well done boys!