This year’s quiz was a very enjoyable event, with all year groups and staff participating for their House in answering 5 questions per round.

The infant classes, Reception –Year 2, answered questions on book characters, entertainment and science and nature respectively , with multiple choice answers. The junior classes answered questions on sports, geography, history and logos respectively.  The penultimate round was for the individual House Captains, answering questions on landmarks and buildings. The final round saw the staff in the spotlight, trying to correctly name the caricatures of famous people.
The lead swapped hands a number of times during the quiz and at the end the scores were very close, with only one point separating first from second. The finishing places and points can be seen below:

1st     ANDREW    69
2ND   DAVID         68
3RD   PATRICK      64
4TH   GEORGE      49

Well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to ANDREW for their achievement.