As part of their World War Two topic, Year 6 took to the skies and spent a day at Bentley Priory Museum in Bushey.

The Priory Museum explains one of the most important narratives of modern history – how the Battle of Britain was fought and won. The boys learnt how Bentley Priory had served as Fighter Command Headquarters during the Battle of Britain as they explored how technology, leadership and courage had forged victory and enabled Britain’s darkest hour to also be her finest hour. The boys then spent the rest of the morning dressed in different ranking RAF pilot uniforms as they learnt how the battle of Britain was plotted. They discovered that this was done on land as opposed to in the air and that it had been possible due to the impressive radar system which had been implemented by Sir Hugh Dowding, the Commander in Chief.

Additional highlights of the day included a tour of the museum in groups to research the post-war careers of the pilots that had fought in the battle, a visit to the ‘filter room’ and ‘operations room’, and the experience of being in a cockpit of a replica spitfire plane. But perhaps the most impressive part of the trip was the visit to Sir Hugh Dowding’s office. This had been further brought to life through an award-winning 10 minute audio visual film called ‘The One Behind The Few’. This focused on the impact of Dowding’s leadership and the use of modern technology during the Battle of Britain.

‘Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.’ (Sir Winston Churchill)