Ridley Scott, famous film director, once said, “Egypt was – as it is now – a confluence of cultures, as a result of being a crossroads geographically between Africa, the Middle East and Europe.” Egypt over the centuries has provided historians and the world with intrigue and mystery. From the recorded scrolls of the “Book of the Dead” to the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb by the archeologist Howard Carter, Ancient Egypt has provided western civilization with innovative ideas in agriculture, technology and architecture. The evidence of their time and their legacy will continue to enthrall people for time to come.

Year 3’s trip to the British Museum was an amazing success. After putting our coats away the boys had the opportunity to explore and investigate many artefacts. They looked at sarcophagus’ with elaborate hieroglyphics, amulets and statues, ruined wall murals that showed evidence of war in Persia as well as more romantic notions of daily life along the Nile’s delta region.

At noon, the boys had a workshop dealing with the topic “Life after Death”. The session was interactive and had great activities that involved the children. Some of the boys in the class were even asked to come on the stage!

One of the most exciting parts of the trip was when we went on an information hunt through the upper floors. Our exploration took us to the “Mummies” section where we got to see Cleopatra! It was the highlight for many of the boys. The trip has provided the class with the impetus for further exploration into the topic!