Entry to Buckingham Preparatory School is selective, and our assessment process is designed to identify inquisitive, enthusiastic learners who will thrive in our educational environment. At Buckingham Preparatory School the boys normally start at 3 years of age (rising 3) and continue through the school until they leave at the end of Year 6.

Contact our Admissions Secretary for an initial conversation and to arrange a visit. You will be offered a personal tour given by our Head Teacher, Michael Doyle.

Denise Perin, Admissions Secretary

Tel: 0208 866 2737

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Admission to Pre-School

The Pre-School places are in high demand and therefore we are operating on a waiting list system. Early registration at the age of two is highly advisable. If successful, your child will enter Pre-School in the term he turns three. All assessments are carried in a one to one session. Our assessment criteria is not purely that of ability – we are aware that children grow at different rates and have good and bad days. We are looking for an alert, enthusiastic and enquiring child.

Once in Pre-School, the boys are expected to continue their education into Reception when they turn four.

Admission to Prep School

Where space permits, we are open to accept pupils into other year groups at the start of, and during the academic year. If you are looking for a place in an older year group please contact us to discuss availability. We like to assess children for this type of entry by inviting them to school for a day to meet the other children within the class. During the day your son will be assessed both formally and informally by the class teacher. For Reception entry your son will only need to come in for an assessment.

Note: A non-refundable registration fee of £50 will be charged at the time of registration.

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