School Trips


Day trips are an integral part of the Buckingham Preparatory School year and are included not only to be fun but to bring life to relevant parts of the school curriculum. We aim to take each class on a trip once a term as a way of connecting their real life experiences to that of the classroom. Trips are planned each year in relation to the boy’s experiences, and these range from trips to local wildlife centers and farms, to performing at the O2 arena! Each trip is planned to ensure that all boys encounter a wide range of experiences that they will cherish forever.


Buckingham Preparatory School is committed to whole child education. Fostering confidence forms a key element of this process and one strand of this is based around an annual residential class trip.

Every year your son is encouraged to attend a short trip which includes a varying length overnight stay away from home starting with just one night in Year 3, to a full school week in Year 6. Over their time at Buckingham Preparatory School the boys will gain a range of residential experiences, recently including, camping, water sports, woodland adventures, city trips and much more!

These trips are supervised by the relevant class teachers and other members of school staff and enables your son to experience an all-important but extremely well managed period of independence. These trips develop friendships and provide life long memories.

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