Before & After School Club

At Buckingham Preparatory School we are here to care for your children from 8am until 6.00pm.

Infants enter into school at 8am and into the classroom at 8.15am. Junior boys line up in the school forecourt at 8am and enter into school at 8.15am and into their classrooms at 8.30am.

Although school offers many extra-curricular activities covering all year groups with a wide range of pursuits, we also offer a breakfast club and an after school club. Breakfast club is open daily to students from 7:30am and is £4.25 per session. After School Club is open daily to all pupils after school until 6.00 p.m. (5pm on Fridays) and is £6.65 per session. The clubs must be booked in advance to ensure a place. The payments are added to the following term’s fee invoice.

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