In the Early Years at Buckingham Preparatory School we aim to ensure that the beginning of a child’s education is a happy and fulfilling experience. The Buckingham Pre School caters for boys from the term they turn 3.

It is situated on the same site as the main school. The children in the Pre School have access to the school’s facilities and attend school assemblies and events throughout the year.  Pre School is open from 8am until 6pm term time (5pm Fridays)  and 8am till 5pm in school holiday time.

Your child’s early years are such a special time and those of us privileged to work with 3-5 year olds watch the world open up before them as they explore through purposeful play and learning. As an academically driven school we have exemption from the Government scripted learning and development requirements of the EYFS. This has allowed us to use our own bespoke higher level curriculum in both English and Mathematics which is based on the levels of achievement we know our children are capable of. This then spearheads the ensuring of higher levels of achievement throughout the whole school journey up until the age of 11.

The teaching ethos in Pre School is varied and practical and follows our school education model led by our full time qualified Pre School Teacher. Children are encouraged to explore, question and enjoy their learning. Our Pre-School is a fully integrated part of our school and benefits from our embedded systems and programmes, and its approach to learning at a young age is fully integrated into the school day. As well as a formalised approach to learning which includes Maths and English the children also enjoy weekly French, Music and Games lessons from qualified specialist teachers.

Of course we are fully aware that, at age 3, children have extensive recreational needs and our approach to learning in no way impinges on the fun and laughter that the children enjoy throughout the day. Our Pre School follows the same term time calendar as our Prep School; however, we are aware of the needs of parents too and during the school holiday periods our Pre School transforms into a fun filled playgroup facility where the children can attend for the school holidays.

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