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At Buckingham Preparatory School we aim to provide expertise for highly talented and enthusiastic games players, as well as for those who are less naturally at home on the games field but whom, nonetheless, will benefit from taking exercise and developing skills.

We play a large number of sports at Buckingham Prep School. We have internal Inter-House competitions and we also play against local schools in regular fixtures. There are also opportunities for competitive matches and fixtures in local and regional competitions.

House competitions are organised in all the following sports:-

  • Football,
    Cross Country,

We currently compete in local Inter-School Championships in the following events:
Football, Cross Country, Swimming and Cricket.

School Colours are an important part of recognising a boy’s effort and achievement in a particular sport. These will be awarded at the end of the relevant sporting term to those who have excelled and progressed in a given sport. Each term this provides students with the opportunity to achieve School Colours. All major sports are available to achieve School Colours.

There is a rich variety of sporting interests taken up by our students. A number of pupils have been given sporting honours outside of school. A list of these Representative Honours can be seen below:-
U.11 Middlesex County Cricketers
Premiership and Championship Academy footballers
Harrow Borough Judo Players

After school sports clubs include:
Judo (charged)


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