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Day Trips

Day trips are an integral part of the Buckingham school year and are included not only to be fun but to bring to life to relevant parts of the school curriculum. Examples of such trips include many year groups visiting a number of the London art galleries and exhibitions, Reception and Year 1 to Ashridge Estate to see the Solar Eclipse and Year 4 pond dipping at the Wetlands Centre. Last year we boys at Buckingham Prep School also visited Pizza Express, Hampton Court and the Fire Station.

Residential Trips

We at Buckingham Prep School we are committed to whole child education. Fostering of confidence forms a key element of this process, one strand of this process is based around the annual residential class trip.

Every year your son is encouraged to attend a short trip which includes a varying length overnight stay away from home starting with just one night in Year 3 at the Science Museum. This culminates into a 5 night stay at Plas Menai Watersports centre in Year 6 in North Wales.

These trips are supervised by the relevant class teachers and other appropriate members of school staff and enable your son to experience an all-important but extremely well managed period of independence. It is with trips like theses that friendships are formed and life long memories made.

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