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The day in the main school begins at 8.35am when the bell rings for the start of the day. Boys line up in the playground and are collected by their Form Teacher for registration. Each morning we have an assembly or class circle time followed by the day’s lessons.

In Year One and Two we follow the National Curriculum in KS1.  However, we are not bound by this and are able to broaden the range of subjects, increase understanding and follow the interests of the class.  Boys are taught in their own classrooms by their Form Teacher. We follow structured and enjoyable lessons in English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Religious Education, Personal, Social and Health Education. Computing is taught in our new Computer Suite. French is continued in Year 1 and Verbal Reasoning is introduced in Year Two.  Specialist teachers deliver Art, Music and Physical Education lessons.  We also ensure that all boys have a swimming lesson once a week for two terms of the year, with qualified coaches at John Lyon swimming pool.

Young children have a natural curiosity and enthusiasm and we aim to harness these qualities through an active and stimulating curriculum with regular trips to develop the boys’ knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm.

There are three playtimes a day, morning, afternoon and lunchtime. During this time the boys will play either in the front of the school utilising our climbing frame and play house, or in the larger back playground where they can play games such as football or basketball, or indeed use their vivid imaginations to invent their own games. At lunchtime, the boys are supervised by teachers in our school hall and indulge in some freshly cooked meals by our onsite catering team.

Drama is an important part of the Infant’s Christmas celebrations and each year the boys (with Reception) perform a musical extravaganza for the rest of the school and their parents.   They also have the opportunity to perform in termly assemblies which can include singing, acting and speaking in front of the whole school. This helps to encourage our children to flourish into confident individuals who know how to express themselves and perform in public.

The school day finishes at 3.30 pm for Year One and Year Two. There is then a choice of afterschool activities on certain days for the boys to choose from. Most are free, but there is also the opportunity to learn Judo or attend Homework Club, or to learn a musical instrument with a peripatetic music teacher, all of which are charged activities.

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