Reception visits Squire Garden Centre

Posted: 28th January 2019

Squires Garden Centre in Clamp Hill, Stanmore, warmly welcomed our request for an educational visit. Spring is an ideal time to explore nature, when growth is most evident. During the visit equipment was provided for the boys to plant a sunflower which was then brought back to school to be included in mathematical measuring activities. The boys proudly demonstrated their newfound vocabulary to label plant parts and particularly impressed our hosts when they described the process of “germination”. A tour of the garden centre followed, with the class investigating a variety of tropical fish, domestic pets and birds and also exploring the vast array of colourful flora. The learning has continued with the boys experience with sunflowers stimulating interest in the work of Van Gogh. Whilst reading a story about Camille and the sunflowers, which is situated in an art gallery, they noticed the Sunflower painting by Van Gogh and in response the boys have had the opportunity to experiment with recreating this famous artist’s work from their own perspective.

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