Seven words that say it all

Posted: 28th January 2019

Anyone who has spent time with us will know the ethos of our school. However, the question on our lips was how that ethos could be defined in a single sentence. So, in true Buckingham Prep spirit, we set about that task.

Our first mission was to seek from all those involved, suggestions and thoughts on the subject. Parents were emailed, pupils were asked in class and staff were asked to add their thoughts to a dedicated notice board.

With all thoughts delivered, deliberated, dissected and discussed, we narrowed the whole process into the two most accurate statements which we then put to the ultimate test.

Friday was the big day. “Polling Booths” were set up by Year 6 boys and every pupil from Nursery, Prep and Pre-prep were given their own voting slip as were all teachers, caterers, governors and administrators. Much debate was had before and after the event. Not surprisingly, the vote was split by only twelve votes. And the result?

“Together we nurture, we inspire, we succeed.”

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