Year 1 explore the five senses

Posted: 28th September 2020

Year One have been busy learning about animals including humans in Science. The unit started with the boys learning about parts of the human body and this will continue before they move on to classifying animals and begin to develop an understanding of the different diets that animals eat.

Last week, the boys eagerly immersed themselves in to an interactive experience where they explored the five senses. All the boys enthusiastically learned that we have different ways of exploring the world and that often our senses work together to help us do that. They worked scientifically by using their observations to compare and developed their vocabulary by using adjectives to describe. They started with taste and bravely explored how crackers, crisps, oranges, lemons and juice taste on their tongue. The lemon proved to be a face-scrunching experience! They then moved on to explore touch, sound, sight and smell. Each boy worked maturely and they should all feel immensely proud of what they were able to accomplish during the lesson.

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