Capturing Autumnal Beauty

Posted: 26th November 2020

We’re going on an autumn hunt, we’re going to take pictures,  what a beautiful day! We’re not cold!

The boys applied their Art and Photography skills to capture autumnal beauty. They focused on taking stills of lovely competitions that illustrate the array of colours, textures and forms found in nature. These photographs were then used back in the art room as a starting point for a colour and tree study. The boys mixed watercolours, to the best of their ability, to portray the beautiful light captured by the camera. The work was developed further during the following lessons when they illustrated an autumnal tree and its branches whilst focusing on the correct proportions. It was wonderful to see the boys incredibly involved in their creative process.

Additionally, the trip supported the boys’ learning in Science where they were identifying and learning about seasonal changes with a particular focus on autumn to winter. They looked for signs that it was autumn by observing changes in nature and wildlife. The weather was perfect and the boys were able to photograph evidence of a frosty morning, fallen leaves and acorns. They were delighted to spot a squirrel finding and burying an acorn! Overall, it was a huge success where each boy worked incredibly hard, showed maturity, responsibility and respect.

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