Highlights of 2021 . Year 2 – Year 4

Posted: 21st January 2021

The whole school have made an exceptional start to online learning in 2021, we have so much exciting news to report. We kickstarted our news bulletins last week with an update from Pre-School- Year 1, and now move onto hearing about what Year 2 -4 have been up to.


In Science, students have been taking part in a number of experiments relating to plants and their growth while also looking deeper into how plants reproduce & pollinate. In PSHE they have been considering resolutions and ideas of how to have a successful and happy year, they used google apps to share their ideas. In Art the students have been researching the artist Chuck Close, looking at the hurdles that he had to overcome through disability and how he used machinery in his artwork to assist him. The students came up with their own innovative ideas of technology that could help them overcome hurdles in their own lives. They then went on to practicing Close’s technique known as pixel painting.


In Maths, Y3 have been studying weight, mass, capacity and comparing mass using symbols. Our English lessons have focused on different principles of grammar within written texts and we have also looked at developing our comprehension skills. We have begun to look at Forces and Magnets in Science, and in History our new topic is Ancient Greece. The boys have ordered events on a timeline, learned how Athens was the centre for developing democracy and about the origin of the Olympic Games. Pirate Blundereard has been the focus text for our Guided Reading sessions which we have held on Google Meet twice a week. The boys have used a Rainbow Book Feelings pack in PSHE during our Meets to discuss how we are all getting on with remote learning during the current lockdown and we have thought about strategies to make ourselves feel better. All of the boys produced wonderful projects following an initiative by the Tate Britain museum titled ‘Hear My Story’. The boys have found ways to share and present their projects to the class which has definitely been a highlight of the day! In Art, the boys have been looking at optical illusions, deceiving the brain through vision. They have created some exceptional illusions themselves and designed and fabricated a kaleidoscope to create an illusion of light.


Year 4 have been really busy and taken on the challenge of online learning like champs! This week we have been looking at a large number of interesting projects: In Maths we explored lots of different multiplication strategies, and many of the boys mastered bar modelling for the first time. In English we started a new topic – Myths & Legends, which has been really interesting! We started a new Science topic on States of Matter We found key locations in our new Geography unit and we started our learning on Black History in History. Overall Year 4 have been very busy learners.  I have to give a special shout out to two pupils who have gone above and beyond this week. Krrish for his excellent ‘Hero Recipe’ and Jayden for his work on Bar Modelling. I’m excited to see what else Year 4 can achieve from home with their learning. In Art the boys have been looking at the art of mathematics. They have learnt about fractals and the golden ratio and have illustrated their learnings through digital sculptures using the architecture software; Sketch-up. 

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