Painting With Science, Story-Telling With Shadows & Drawing With Light

Posted: 25th February 2021

To name just a few of the creative exploits our students have been up to in the first week back! Exploring definitions of standard art practices such as drawing, painting and story-telling. Must we use just a pencil to draw, a paint brush to paint and a pen to write?

Year 1 have proven that you can draw with air, with the shadows and reflections made by hanging installations inspired by the Artist Alexander Calder.

Year 4 have been making artwork out of scientific experiments, exploring the process of emulsification through oil/paint/water paintings and marble prints!

Year 5 have been writing stories from the shadows, using their perceptive skills to observe images and figures in the shadows. They developed on this by creating stop-motion animations with the shadows made by their toys and editing them together with their eloquently read stories.

Head to our school Instagram where you can view examples of the artworks mentioned!


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