A Happy Return

Posted: 11th March 2021

“So through the door the Children ran schoolward merrily hand in hand,

Looking neither to left nor right where the breathless Heavens stood still.

And the Guards of the nation resheathed their swords, for they heard the Command:

“Shall I that have suffered the Children to stay at home against their will? ”

My profuse apologies to Rudyard Kipling for my rather poorly amended version of his magnificent poem but I think it is somewhat apt for circumstances. I am also perhaps somewhat overzealous in my belief that there weren’t more than a few moments when the boys actually rather enjoyed being away from the rigours of school life and at home with their families, but I shall brush over that thought for the purposes of effect.

In years to come this stint at home will be but a distant memory for our boys but at this point in their lives it will have been both momentous and profound. We are delighted to have them back and will all now work hard to realigning them both to school learning and school life. For those of you who can remember the “Monsters Inc” Disney Pixar movie, and at the risk over using analogies, today seems like the conclusion of the movie when the power of children’s laughter is used to fuel society, overtaking the previous power of fear. We move away from containment and on towards liberty again.

As our Government assures us that this return to school will be irreversible, we now pull full steam ahead to encouraging, persuading, directing, enthusing, motivating and educating our boys to get their heads down and their spirits up and to once again enjoy the full benefits of being a Buckingham Prep pupil.

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