Our Year 6 Success Stories

Posted: 23rd April 2021

Well done to all of our Year Six boys.

Although this academic year has brought Buckingham Prep School a number of significant challenges, we have yet again achieved our annual goal of getting 100 % of our pupils into the school of their choice.

Despite the obstacles Covid19 put in our way, our online learning provision, twinned with the dedication of our pupils and the extraordinary efforts put in by their parents, we can again proudly boast that every boy will move on to the school of his choice, and most will also be turning down offers that other prep schools would envy. 

By way of statistics:

80% of the boys were offered places locally in one or more of the top academic independent schools.

60 % of the boys were also offered places in the top local academically selective state schools. 

Special congratulations go to Rayan Siddiqui who was offered an academic scholarship at Haberdashers Boys School, Esa Aslam and Harris Qhoraish who were offered academic scholarships for John Lyon School  and Praneel Manglam who was offered an academic scholarship at City of London School.  The majority of the places the boys were offered were at QE Boys’, Watford Grammar, City of London, Merchant Taylors’ and Haberdashers’ School for Boys. 

We are rightly proud of the academic achievements of the boys, who should be very proud of themselves too. The offers received are remarkable. However, we are equally proud of the tremendous effort the boys put in and the determination they showed when striving in difficult circumstances both of which show Buckingham Prep character and will inevitably lead on to success. 

The boys thoroughly deserve their achievements and we wish them the very best in their new schools. 

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