Penguin Random House or BPS Year 6?

Posted: 14th May 2021

Did you know that brazil nuts are a sustainable rainforest resource? 

Over the past few weeks Year 6 have been rather busy in their English lessons. As a class they have worked collaboratively and have produced a beautifully illustrated explanation text all about the harvesting and production of brazil nuts. This work linked strongly with Year 6’s current Geography topic, South America. 

They have developed a number of skills in order to ensure that all of the pages of their book are of a consistently high standard. From writing definitions for glossary words to cross-referencing index links, Year 6 have worked as a really effective team. 

Copies of their book will be kept in the school library so that the younger children of the school can learn about explanation texts and how they are structured. When will you read ‘Brazil Nuts: What’s It All About’? 

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