The Lunar Lander – Year 4 Steam Day Mission

Posted: 5th November 2021

This term, Year 4 have been learning about Space and different Astronauts. To expand their learning, they were set a mission by Miss Chohan to create a ‘Lunar Lander.’ This meant they had to work in groups to design, create and build a lunar lander that demonstrated shock absorption. The challenge was to make sure their astronauts (marshmallows) remained safely in the lander and did not fly out during impact. They were not allowed to cover the marshmallows and had to make sure the lander stood upright, with no damage upon impact.  

We used different materials and techniques to creatively build our lander. We shared and explored ideas that would absorb the shock when landing and kept testing our landers at each stage to check it was functioning and would land safely. We really enjoyed working as part of a team for this, as it developed our communication and listening skills. It also allowed us to share ideas and work collaboratively. We had fun testing the landers and learnt more about Gravity and the pull it has on objects.  

When we tested the final products, it was a tense moment for each House team! We cheered and supported one another and could see how some landers worked more than others. We discussed what went well with each one and gave one another tips on how they could improve it if it did not work. 

It was a super fun day of creativity and learning and we really enjoyed this STEAM project! 

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