Children’s Mental Health Week

Posted: 10th February 2022

We raised almost £400 on Monday for the charity ‘Mind’ for mental health.

Our students’ level of empathy and awareness to the cause was wonderful to witness. We enjoyed a day of creative and cathartic activities and learnt about the importance of emotional wellbeing. The students learnt about how the chemicals in our brains, our diet, level of fitness and our chosen pass-times will all impact the way that we feel. We practiced creative activities such as mindful drawing, storytelling, yoga and more, and realised the positive impact that these had on our wellbeing.

We also had the chance to ‘dress to express’ our selves and our emotions. We conversed about the colours and textures that the students had chosen to wear and how they impacted their mood.

The students were also introduced to their new online Art Gallery – and we took a virtual tour around all of the top works of the year.

We are very proud of how engaged, enthused and empathetic our students were, and are grateful to all of the parents who donated to the important charity.

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