Red Noses, Red Trucks & Speaking Up!

Posted: 18th March 2022

Another fantastic week at BPS, blessed with the summer equinox nearing the end of the week providing us with sun-filled excitements. From class assemblies to school trips, music exams to bake sales, dress up days to firemen visits! I don’t think we could have packed more into this week if we had tried. So many special memories made for all of our students who have been well deserving of all of it all after a busy term of hard work.

A special mention goes to Year 3, who have really impressed Mrs O’Connor with their ability to ‘Speak up’ and debate effectively.

Verbal sparring has been the order of the day when the boys took part in various classroom debates on challenging questions such as, ‘Should children be allowed to choose their own school lunch menu?’ and ‘Should homework be banned?’

Where the atmosphere is normally hushed, the boys have been practicing how to develop an argument, support it with evidence and defend it with a counter argument, before transferring these skills to their written work.

This has enhanced their critical thinking, active listening skills and confidence in speaking.

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