Headstone Manner & Hello Yellow!

Posted: 14th October 2022

This week, BPS has been filled with energy and excitement towards the array of learning activities.

Pre-school have been very busy with culinary, creative and linguistic learning. Cooking up an Autumn soup, creating a firework display out of tissue paper, and practicing their pronunciation of key words in both English and French.

Reception went on an exciting trip to Headstone Manner, and learnt all about the development of technology. They enjoyed using cameras from across the ages and learning about the process of photography.

Year 1 have been busy in all of their lessons, excelling particularly with their mathematics. They also worked exceptionally well in an Art & design workshop where they designed and built their own automobile of the future!

Year 2 have been excelling in their spelling and reading and have impressed Mrs Doyle with their teamwork skills.

Year 3 have shown hard work, resilience and an eagerness to improve across all of their subjects.

Year 4 have shown maturity and commitment to their learning and have demonstrated empathy in much of their learning.

Year 5 have worked hard in the lead up to their 11+ exams and are taking every aspect of their learning with independence and commitment.

Year 6 have been incredible role models to the school and have committed to their roles in leadership wholeheartedly.

Hello Yellow day was a chance for everyone to be mindful of their emotions, to care for one another and to make a difference through donations to Young Minds.



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