Whipsnade Zoo

Posted: 9th February 2024

The Lower School had a very exciting day this week at the Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable!

The sun came out, but our coats and hats were a welcome accessory as it was quite a chilly day out.

The Reception class started their morning off with a fascinating workshop, Lifecycles. The boys explored how a variety of different animals grow, develop and produce offspring. The interactive exploration using costumes and role-play allowed the boys to really dive deep into their learning experience.

Meanwhile, Year 1 and Year 2 were on the other side of the zoo learning all about African Animals  with their engaging and enthusiastic workshop leader. They went on a tour around the meerkats, lions and giraffe enclosures to learn about the important role that camouflage plays in the survival of these animals in the wild.

Later we all came together to really build our step count and to truly explore what else the zoo had to offer! Using a map and compasses we walked through the butterfly house; saw rhinos, Asian elephants, penguins, unexpectedly adorable aardvarks and many more wonderful creatures!

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