Expressive Arts Week

Posted: 1st March 2024

students at an art show

In the last week of February the pupils of Buckingham Prep embarked on an exhilarating journey through our annual Expressive Arts Week, themed around the captivating world of “Minibeasts”! With boundless enthusiasm, they unleashed their creativity across various domains, embracing poetry, music, dance, and the captivating realms of art and design. Every morning, eager parents gathered to witness the electrifying live finals across each category, while anticipation reached its peak for the grand Art Gallery unveiling on Friday. The gallery dazzled with an eclectic array of 2D and 3D masterpieces, showcasing the boys’ extraordinary talents. Once again, both staff and parents found themselves spellbound by the sheer brilliance and ingenuity displayed throughout the week. The week had been brilliantly planned by Miss Ohl and Mrs Stoneman and we are all very thankful for their hard work in ensuring the boys have space to share their talents.

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