Ooblek madness in Reception!

Posted: 15th March 2024

This has been a busy and exciting week for Reception.  On Tuesday we joined the school in doing special activities for STEM day.  We counted how many things we could do in one minute.  How many bricks could we stack?  How many time could we write our names?  How many star jumps could we do?  In the afternoon we made our own Ooblek, choosing a colour and mixing in the water ourselves.  Then we had great fun experimenting and investigating:  What happens when I try to grab a handful of slime?  What happens when you push it hard?  What happens when you hold it and let go?  What would happen if you did the same thing with water?

On Wednesday we did our class assembly.  We have been learning about growing and changing for our topic this term and used the ideas we had explored.  We found out what our names mean and how our family celebrated when we were born.  We learnt the names of some baby animals and sang a song about some of them and finally we thought about how much we have grown and learnt this year.  Everyone enjoyed watching the assembly and Mrs Stoneman was very proud of her super class!

Friday was St Patrick’s Day and we celebrated by making some ‘Pot of Gold and Rainbow’ crowns and shamrocks.  We learnt about the traditions of some people in the UK.

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