Adventures to Phasels Wood!

Posted: 10th May 2024

boys following a ball down a pipe
Last Wednesday and Thursday, our courageous Year 3 explorers embarked on an exciting journey to Phasels Woods, marking an important milestone in their young lives. Indeed, for most of our boys, this was their very first residential trip and even their first night away from home.
After a short trip on the school’s minibuses, our little adventure unfolded with lots of moments full of fun, friendships, and learning opportunities. The children enjoyed a wide range of tasks.

Cresta Run, Land Zorbs, Spider Mountain, Archery and Pedal Karts were just some of the activities that made our trip special and memorable for our class. Sleeping with their best friends, playing games, and sharing bedtime stories were also part of the fun at the Rowan Lodge.
Two incredible days!
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