Year 2 Trip To The Science Museum!

Posted: 17th May 2024

children at the science museum

What a perfect day to go for a day trip to the science museum in Kensington!

The Year 2 class set off on a bright and sunny morning to the station to travel on the Piccadilly Line, which was an adventure in itself!

They were ready for a full schedule that would have them transported through different sections of the museum. Each section had an abundance of exhibitions displaying collections of objects through the ages.

The favourites of the day were ‘Exploring Space’ which revealed curiosities about worlds beyond Earth; ‘Flight’ which showcased ideas and designs that have allowed us to take to the sky; and ‘The Secret Life of the Home’ where the stories of how our homes have changed over time brought about fascination and plenty of giggles!

Undoubtedly a second visit to the museum is being planned by the Year 2 boys so that they can show their families all the wonders that it holds!

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