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Posted: 30th August 2017

How can you tell which independent school or nursery is best?

When it’s time to find the independent school or nursery for your child you will be spoilt for choice. Websites, advertisements, strap lines and articles will be plentiful, all providing you with information on the offerings and aspects that make that particular school an ideal choice. But how can you know which school offers most, and which school is right for your child?

The answer to the question is simple. It is independent comment. Only independent verification and comment can enable you to compare and contrast without bias. It is for this reason that the Independent Schools Inspectorate vigorously examines and reviews every school and nursery and provides an unbiased report . Details of the Independent Schools Inspectorate work can be found on their website at www.isi.net.

We at Buckingham Prep School have just last week been subject to an inspection and I can tell you first hand that the team leave no stone unturned. The level of detailed investigation by their experts is remarkable .

As with all schools, we are required to place their report on our school website and a copy is also lodged on the ISI website. That way, the world at large is able to see their independent views on every school.

Our school received the highest possible grading in every area of every aspect of our offering in every part of our school. We have been rated as Excellent and Outstanding in absolutely everything we do. This is not just our opinion; it is the opinion of the Independent Schools Inspectorate. It is independent confirmation that Buckingham Prep School cannot be bettered by any other school or in any area of schooling.

Although we are renowned for our record of placing all our boys into the top independent or state school of their choice, we not do this by necessarily selecting our pupils based entirely on their academic levels. As the report highlights, our pupils stand out due to their desire to learn . We believe that if your child wants to succeed then we will enable him to do so. A Buckingham Prep pupil stands out for his willingness to learn and we stand out through our ability to teach him. This is highly praised in the report.

If you are looking for a place for your child to learn then please take a look at the independent report on our website and come and visit us to find out more.

Click to download the Education Quality Inspection.

Click to download the Focused Compliance Inspection.

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