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Junior Sports Day

11th June 2021

For the Junior Sports Day, each boy in Years 3-6 participated in four events: two track and two field events. As is normal on such occasions, the competition between the…

Egyptian Day

3rd December 2020

On Thursday, Year 3 were immersed into the wonders of Ancient Egypt. Pharaohs, soldiers, mummies, craftsmen and slaves entered the classroom that day and they looked spectacular in their costumes….

Creative Writing Week

26th November 2020

On a cold dark November morning Mrs Hollis arrived at the school to find something most unexpected in the corner of the playground. A nest of mysterious eggs had appeared…

Animals on the Move

20th November 2020

During the first half term Year 5 were reading an eBook called Animals on the Move in their English lessons. The book is an information text about some of the…

Reception visit Headstone Manor Museum

14th November 2020

Reception class went to Headstone Manor to learn how Harrow has changed over hundreds of years.  Laura told us the story through the eyes of a time-travelling owl who lived…

What inspires a data journalist?

14th November 2020

Year 3 have been learning about the features of a newspaper and are planning to write a newspaper report in English. On Wednesday, Year 3 were fortunate enough to take…

Where do we live?

19th October 2020

Pre-School have been really busy learning about themselves and their homes. They have developed their language skills by talking to each other about the different parts of their houses. They…

Year 3 learn about farming at Headstone Manor Museum

14th October 2020

Year 3 had a wonderful time on their trip last Thursday to Headstone Manor. Even though it began as a rather wet morning, it did not dampen our excitement! After…

Say #helloyellow for mental health awareness

9th October 2020

This year has been a bit of a tricky one for everyone, especially for a lot of young people. With schools, parks and many other of our usual places closed,…

Yom Kippur Assembly

2nd October 2020

Yom Kippur, Judaism’s most solemn festival, took place from Sunday evening to Monday evening this week and lasted 25 hours. Translated as Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur follows ten days…

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