Creative Writing Week

Posted: 26th November 2020

On a cold dark November morning Mrs Hollis arrived at the school to find something most unexpected in the corner of the playground. A nest of mysterious eggs had appeared over the course of the weekend! Where had they come from? Were they safe to touch? What creature or beast had trespassed on the school’s premises?

While Mrs Hollis liaised with the Ministry of Mythical Creatures, the rest of the teachers were instructed to fence off the nest and keep the children at a safe distance. The eggs, which were approximately the size of rugby balls, had a silvery sheen to them and green spots. A very unnerving cracking sound was emanating from the nest. Were they going to hatch?!

Children from younger year groups enjoyed examining the eggs with magnifying glasses. There were many speculations about the types of eggs that they were. Many children believed them to have come from a dinosaur while others felt that a giant bird, such as an ostrich or an eagle, must have laid them.

It wasn’t long before a representative from the Ministry of Mythical Creatures came to collect them. They were taken away at approximately 10:22am. Shortly afterwards, Mrs Hollis received a call which confirmed that they were in fact dragon eggs.

The school then went completely dragon mad and each class completed writing work around the dragon theme. A number of dragon stories were covered including Zog by Julia Donaldson and How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. The standard of work was impeccable and the staff are all very proud.

If the children at BPS weren’t dragon experts before then they certainly are now.

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