What are the York Awards?

Posted: 10th November 2017

For our Year 5 boys October marks a special time in the calendar as this is when they go on their three night residential trip to York. The itinerary for York 2017 was packed with learning experiences and activities including: a guided tour of the Jorvik Viking Centre, a day spent in the prisoner of war huts at Eden Camp and a tasty visit to York’s Chocolate Story. By the time the boys and their accompanying teachers returned, everybody was tired but there were fond memories to look back on.

While they were in York, the Year 5 boys were taking part in a special mission. Each evening, when they were given the opportunity to reflect on the day that had passed, the boys were encouraged to make nominations for the York Awards. What would they nominate for ‘Best Visit’? Which day had been the ‘Most Tiring’? Not only were the boys able to nominate certain aspects of trip for an award but they were also able to nominate each other for individual awards. Many interesting and rather peculiar ideas were brought forward.

Shortly after their return, Year 5 prepared a special assembly called ‘The York Awards’. Parents were invited to watch as the children talked about the highlights of their trip, shared a number of photographs and received their individual awards. Awards ranged from the usual ‘Tidiest Room’ to ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

Unsurprisingly York’s Chocolate Story won the ‘Best Visit’ award. We wonder what next year’s Year 5 will think of their residential?

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