Reception visit Whipsnade zoo

Posted: 4th December 2017

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Reception saw all these exciting animals and more on their trip to Whipsnade zoo.
We set off early in the morning on the minibus to the zoo, all dressed in our winter hats, gloves and scarves, ready for the exciting day ahead. When we arrived we started with a small walk to get our bearings. The children were amazed at the magnificent bison, the enormous giraffe and, Mr Doyle’s favourite, the flamingos. We even found a flamingo feather lying on the path! As we walked back towards the meeting point for our tour, the boys noticed that little wallabies were roaming around the zoo on their own. After our slight concern we were informed that due to their gentle nature wallabies are allowed to wander around Whipsnade zoo as they please.
When we got to the meeting point we met Michelle. Michelle spoke to us about Goldilocks and the Three Bears and took us to meet the bears at the zoo. The boys were fascinated at the remarkable bears especially their playful nature. Michelle taught us all about bears and even showed us a real-life bear skull. After our time with the bears Michelle took us to meet the penguins. We learnt all kinds of penguin facts and even a fun penguin song.
After Michelle left we were able to explore a bit more on our own. We went to visit the Butterfly house, and Nikhil had one land on his head! The butterfly house was also home to a crocodile and a whole range of different creepy crawlies. The boys were fascinated by the spiders and cockroaches, but Miss McCubbery wasn’t so keen!
After we saw the remainder of the zoo we made a quick pit stop in the zoo shop, where the boys were able to spend their own money and we finally got back into the minibus. Very quickly all the boys fell asleep after having such an exciting day. Needless to say, Reception’s trip to the zoo was a successful one, where the boys engaged in a whole range of new exciting experiences
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