Year 6 go on a fun-filled trip to Wales

Posted: 7th May 2018

The sun certainly wasn’t shining as we set off to Wales last week. The sky was overcast and the weather cold as we began the journey to North Wales for a week of water sports on the Menai Strait. We arrived in Wales in good time and were in our wetsuits ready to brave the freezing cold sea by the middle of the afternoon. Together we paddled our rafted canoes up and down the Menai Strait working together as team to power against the tides, followed by a big swim in a very very cold sea!

Throughout the week the boys (and teachers) worked together to take part in wet and dry activities including kayaking, stand up paddle-boarding, sailing, orienteering and making campfires. The highlight of the week was leaving the centre and heading into the Welsh mountains to climb a gorge. As we arrived the rain became less and the sun began to shine ready for us all to brave the steep climb from the bottom. The day was amazing and the boys gathered all their strength and courage to clamber the freezing waterfalls and slippery rocks through the fast flowing water. They worked tirelessly as a team, supporting one another and showing true friendship and kindness, helping one another reach the top. They arrived back at the centre after well-deserved ice cream, exhausted but very proud of all they had achieved.

It was an amazing week and the boys enjoyed every second of their five day fun-filled trip. It really is a place where memories are made and true friendships formed as Year 6 enjoy their last term at BPS.

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