The Maths Quiz Championship

Posted: 26th June 2018

Our school took part in the semi finals of The Maths Quiz Club championship on Friday 22nd June. Our team members were Sushant, Sanjhay, Aditya and Yakub. We were against three teams from other schools (Avon House, St. Hilda’s and The Hall). It was a challenging experience, with 35 multiple choice questions. The quiz was divided into two rounds: Mental Maths and the longer and more challenging Paper round. We participated with enthusiasm and tried our best to win the quiz.
As the quiz commenced, our team of four began to feel more confident as we were able to answer the first bank of mental questions correctly. The scores were updated after every question so we watched anxiously for our results. Our team did brilliantly, and for quite a long time during the quiz, we looked as though we were in a comfortable first place. Unfortunately The Hall overtook us on one of the questions. Pressure increased as the questions got harder and there were constant changes on the leaderboard between The Hall and ourselves.
The next round started and we were trying our best, but The Hall were in the lead to begin with. Throughout the round the leading team changed a few more times. By the time we got to the last question, we were 85 points in the lead. The final question was worth 100 points. We were strategic and worked out that even if all the members of The Hall team answered correctly, we only needed one of our team to get the answer correct, so we split our answer four ways. This proved to be a stroke of tactical genius. Buckingham were crowned regional semi final winners and will be taking part in the national final, hosted in the Tower of London on Wednesday.
By Sanjhay Vijayakumar
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