Year 5 and the Giant Squid

Posted: 2nd October 2018

We started our journey on the morning of Friday 28th September 2018. We walked to Rayners Lane Station and had to take an alternate route to the Natural History Museum as a result of the Piccadilly Line strike!

When we arrived, we were greeted by the personnel for the Children’s Education Centre. Our first session was in the ‘Investigate’ Centre. The boys had a chance to look at real specimens of animals and plants. Some of these things included antlers, fossils, tree trunks, insects, flora and fauna from the ocean and many bones of animals.

Our second session was an activity-based lesson in taxonomy and the classification of animals according to their group breakdown. This was at the ‘Attenborough Studio.’ We learnt about curators at the museum and we even got to tangle ourselves in a model of a giant squid.

The rest of our time was spent exploring the various sections of the museum. The whole day was interesting and full of fun-filled science facts! We even took a fantastic picture next to a statue of Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary theory. The day goes quickly when you’re having fun!

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