Where do artists work?

Posted: 6th December 2018

This term, Year 1 were lucky enough to venture into our school community on a glorious sunny day. A walk that did not last more than fifteen minutes took them to a very unique place – an artist’s studio. In case you are not familiar with the term, an artist’s studio is, as Dhilan said, ‘the office of an artist’. But this was not a regular workspace! The studio contained curious materials and machinery such as glass, copper foil, a grinder, a soldering iron and much more.


Tejal Kachalia welcomed the boys with a warm smile and a lovely handwritten ‘Welcome boys’ sign. She prepared extremely well for our visit and spoiled the boys with lots of goodies. The morning was spent discovering what Tejal Kachalia does in her studio and how she maximises its space in order to master a thousand-year old craft. Year 1 were told all about stained glass, its role in ancient history and how the discipline continues to develop as a medium. They were able to see how glass is cut and joined, as well as experiencing first-hand Tejal’s work. After a very interesting Q&A session, the boys had a go at making their own fake stained glass suncatchers. The final creations can be seen in our Buck Press 2018 autumn issue along with our boys’ own writing about the day. Keep an eye out and let us know what you think!

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