Posted: 4th March 2019

On Wednesday 27th February, a visitor from Transport for London (TfL) came to Year 6 to give us an interesting and valuable speech about how to use public transport and how to keep safe on it. Mr Alex Perry from the Safety and Citizenship team discussed a lot of important issues and tips with us. He explained what TfL was and what it does to help the public. We learnt that TfL helps people to reach their destinations safely and easily. Afterwards, we had a discussion about what makes a good citizen when using public transport. To be a good citizen it is important to abide by the rules and to be considerate of others. Following the talk, we watched a couple of fascinating videos. A few rules and facts we learnt from this were:

  • Do not stand by the edge of the pavement of platform.
  • If someone is in danger, press the emergency button.
  • Let elderly, pregnant or disabled people take your seat.
  • Do not open the train’s carriage doors as it is extremely dangerous.

Overall, Year 6 found this talk very beneficial as some of us will be using public transport next year when we move on to our secondary schools.

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