Quiz Championship

Posted: 25th March 2019

On Wednesday 20th March Ms Bourne and Mrs Hollis set off to Merchant Taylors Prep with two teams to take part in the annual Quiz Championship, now a regular fixture in our calendar. Talking to the boys in the lead-up to the big day, it was clear to Ms Bourne that no area of general knowledge had been left unexplored by our intrepid quizzers in their preparations.

The quiz started off with boys needing to correctly identify a quote from everyone’s favourite Jedi knight, Yoda. Thence followed an eclectic array of questions relating to such diverse topics as the English Civil war, Tudor monarchs, Micronesian islands, French cheeses, the velocity of the rotation of the planets, the art of Jackson Pollock and kangaroos!

Both Buckingham teams showed their strength by giving the two host teams a fierce run for their money! On the other hand, Ms Bourne and Mrs Hollis were completely flummoxed by some of the questions and regularly exhaled great sighs of relief when one or both teams identified the winning answers. Indeed, it was also a nail-biting competition between Buck 1 and Buck 2, as they jostled to take the glory of third place for themselves. In the end, Buck 2 found the second-round questions more to their liking and they came in at very respectable third place. Buck 1 ended the heat in 8th place but should still take great pride in their collective endeavour.

However, what was truly lovely to see was each team working together to share their knowledge and support one another when some answers appeared elusive. Unfortunately, we will not be going through to the next round this year but I think we can all agree it’s the taking part that counts!

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