National Maths Quiz Championships

Posted: 13th May 2019

On Friday the 10th May, we were raring to go to the National Maths Quiz, hosted by Merchant Taylors Prep. Adrenalin rushed through our veins as we walked into the hall where the quiz was going to take place. There were six schools competing, with 11 teams in total. Team 1 for Buckingham Prep was led by Aadam, and included Trishan, Harshith and Gautham. Team 2 was captained by Ishaan and included Omar, Prem and Diyen. The quizmaster explained that the quiz would have two rounds: mental arithmetic and problem-solving. When the questions came firing out at us, both of our teams responded well, with Team 1 taking the lead. By the end of the 20 questions in that round, Team 1 had answered everything correctly and were in first place, whilst Team 2 were close behind in third place.

In round 2, both teams continued with confidence, but got just a couple of questions wrong. This meant a change in team positions. As the quiz went on we battled hard and made sure we stayed as close as possible to the leading team. As the answer to the final question was revealed and the points were added to the scoreboard, we were all overjoyed to see that both Team 1 and 2 had performed brilliantly and had achieved 2nd and 3rd place overall. What a result! This was an experience that we will never forget.

Written by Ishaan Shah

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