Moving to Mars

Posted: 6th December 2019

Are you a pioneer, all-packed and ready to go to Mars? Should we be fixing Earth instead? Or should we use this opportunity to explore everything design can do?

Year 5 tried to find answers to these questions during their exploration of all things Mars at the Design Museum. After having stepped into a full-scale Mars home, immersed themselves in the landscape and looked critically at sustaining life on Mars, Year 4 drew up a list of pros and cons.

The trip provided the boys with ample knowledge about the conditions on Mars and about new technologies that can foster pioneers’ desires. The day started with a 3D printing workshop. The boys were able to develop their understanding of 3D printing and how it can help us design environments suitable for human survival on Mars.

The boys are now faced with the challenge to use the research gathered during their visit and to design a capsule – a habitat for humans living on Mars. This project will carry on into the spring term when they will also be designing and making a Mars rover.

Here are some of their explorations of structures and forms for the capsule. We look forward to seeing how the initial concepts develop.

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