Mr Neil Enright talks all things QE Boys’

Posted: 22nd January 2020

On Tuesday 22nd January 2020, Mr Neil Enright, Headmaster at QE Boys’ School, visited us here at Buck Prep. For those of you who do not know, QE Boys’ is probably the top state school in the country, is academically selective and is a popular aim for a number of our pupils. The academic level for selection is extremely high and only around 1 in every 15 boys who apply receive an offer (approx. 2700 applications for 180 places).

As is usual for us, a number of our boys sat and passed the entrance examination for QE Boys’ and thus have been offered places at the school. What is also usual however, is that our boys are typically offered more than one school place to choose from and so Mr Enright was keen to encourage our boys to choose his school. He spent time with the boys who had received offers, explaining the benefits he felt his school offers and also dealing with any individual queries those boys had.

Likewise, Mr Enright was keen to encourage our younger boys approaching the examination age over the next year or two to apply for places at his school in due course and so he presented to those boys in Years 4 and 5, a picture of what they might expect were they successful in receiving an offer. As you know, The QE Boys’ exam is one of the school exams we prepare our boys for. Mr Enright stressed in his presentation his belief that reading good fiction books in the boys’ spare time is one of the most valuable uses of any boy’s time should they want to stretch themselves academically and to further open an enquiring and thoughtful mind. As we a Buckingham Prep constantly preach this very same message, I am hoping the boys will take heed of it.

Another key message from Mr Enright was that of the importance of a rounded curriculum and he spoke of his school’s highly successful cricket team and water-polo team. He also mentioned the value of all other sports too where, although his boys do not achieve such greatness in results, they nonetheless achieve greatness in endeavour and team spirit. I have seen this myself through my own son’s school rugby team matches over the past few years against QE Boys’ where although QE have yet to be victorious against my son’s school, the spirit and character they show, from the start until the end of the matches, is exceptional.

Since his visit, Mr Enright has written to me to comment on how impressed he was with the obvious warmth and dedication of my staff and the sparky character of our boys and I have thanked him for both his time and his kindness.

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