Children’s Mental Health Week

Posted: 11th February 2020

Children’s Mental Health Week ran this year from Monday 3rd February to Friday 7th February and we honoured this occasion in school, across the year groups in order to gain a better understanding as to what ‘Mental Health’ actually means in children.

Mrs Doyle kicked off the week by hosting an assembly to introduce the theme ‘Find Your Brave’. Some brave volunteers demonstrated this feeling by taking part in a blindfolded activity and then discussed their feelings on how this felt. Being brave often means pushing past barriers and giving something a try even though that small voice in your head tells you to be careful. Teachers shared stories of their own Find Your Brave moments and the challenge was set for the children to find moments throughout the week to show their brave side and achieve something they maybe thought they were not capable of doing.

During Circle Time that week the children carried on this conversation, discussing their own moments of bravery as well as thinking about the barriers that sometimes get in the way of being brave.

The infants were also lucky enough to take part in mindfulness workshops led by Ciarian from ‘Mindful Kids’ to help them think about their emotions and feelings. The children listened to the sound bell, participated in Tai-chi and created rainbow meditation stones!

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