Year 6 look at Buddhist manuscripts at The British Library

Posted: 3rd March 2020

Year 6 were treated to a personalised tour of some of the most beautiful Buddhist manuscripts, printed texts, exquisite images and artefacts in the world at the British Library’s recent Buddhist exhibition. Buddhism was formed more than six centuries before Christ before spreading across Asia, taking with it not only Buddhist teachings, scriptures and principles for monastic living, but also innovative and sophisticated printing techniques which predate western printing technology by hundreds of years.

Year 6 were given tasks as they explored the gallery to uncover and analyse aspects of the Buddha’s personal story, the evolution of printing, the inter-relationship between a community and a monastic presence as well as the contemporary practice of mindfulness. Ian, our workshop leader, was not only a font of knowledge, he also exemplified the essence of the calm and contemplative teacher who drew out from the boys their nuanced and highly reflective responses to all that they saw. The boys conducted themselves with grace throughout and I felt exceptionally proud to take them to my previous place of work as their teacher. On an individual level, as much as on a collective level, they embodied the spirit of curiosity and respect and they were a credit to themselves and the school. Thank you so much for a wonderful trip Year 6!

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