Symmetry in Nature, Art and Architecture

Posted: 8th May 2020

Reception have been exploring the notion of symmetry since the beginning of the summer term. Their Art project is helping them discover how artists, designers and architects make use of symmetry in their work.
Miss Raduca has been pleasantly surprised with the boys’ eagerness to experiment and with  their ability to make good use of the new drawing technique taught. They can now be seen using the line of symmetry when building the structure of their drawings.
It is truly wonderful to see them respond so well to all the teaching videos on Google Classroom. They seem to find inspiration in Miss Raduca’s drawing demonstrations and we must say, sometimes, even surpass their master.
This week, they have started to look at Yayoi Kusama’s work and to understand how she uses repeating patterns while still respecting the line of symmetry. The compositions that have come in so far are looking great! We will make sure to share their finished artworks after Week 4, when they work on the colour layer.
Miss Raduca is very proud of the boys’ progress and she cannot wait to see what else they come up with until the end of the project. Keep feeding your creativity everyone!
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