Year 5 dive into Geography

Posted: 19th June 2020

This half term Year 5’s Geography unit was called ‘Water of the World’. They all became water detectives and sorted the fact from the fiction for all things water. Some of the boys even referenced websites and texts in order to show where they got their information from. A very mature skill!

One of their Geography challenges was to present a fact about water in an interesting way. This was a competition and the Year 5 boys certainly put their IT skills to the test. Many weird and wonderful entries were submitted on Google Classroom and the BPS teachers had a great deal of fun watching videos and presentations. From baking to magic tricks, Year 5 certainly know a thing or two about H2O. One of them even became an Anchorman! Details of the competition results are as follows -:

Winner Jash Patel – Jash put his IT skills to the test and created a video presentation where he became the teacher and shared lots of wonderful water facts.

Winner – Erik Pashaj – It is amazing how effective some glasses and a plastic toy can be! Erik shared a fact about how much more water babies consume than the average adult.

Runner Up – Mylan Renganathan – Mylan created a video where he visually represented how much of the Earth’s surface is made up of water.

Runner Up – Jay – Luckily Jay had a model skeleton on hand. He placed it in a large container and then poured in jugs of water to represent how much of the human body is water.


Did you know that water is the only substance on Earth that appears as all states of matter?


Did you know that the human body is 60% water?


97% of the world’s water is salt water.


Tea and coffee are good for hydration.


Having two showers uses less water than one bath.


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