What inspires a data journalist?

Posted: 14th November 2020

Year 3 have been learning about the features of a newspaper and are planning to write a newspaper report in English.

On Wednesday, Year 3 were fortunate enough to take part in a journalism workshop led by Niamh McIntyre (news journalist from The Guardian).

Niamh told us it was a very exciting morning for journalists as they were carefully tracking the progress of the election in USA. She told us that one of the reasons she became a journalist was because it gave her the opportunity to have ‘windows into different worlds’.

We were given a virtual tour around the website of The Guardian and we were shown how to track events on interactive maps that feature in the newspaper. We learned how to find different types of news, sports, lifestyle and cultural articles. Niamh helped us to understand how important it is to capture a reader’s interest with a headline and how much work is put into generating a ‘top line’ to draw in and engage readers.

We heard about the subjects that you need to study in order to become a journalist, and Niamh explained what a typical day was like. She told us about all the different roles people have when they are working for a newspaper and explained how a newspaper article is written, published, printed and distributed into shops.

Additionally, Niamh explained the differences between reading a hard copy of a paper, a digital copy and listening to a podcast.

We had many questions prepared to ask Niamh about journalism and luckily, she had time to answer them all!

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